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HEADS UP: This is NOT your generic, next-door, shiny Black Friday offer! I don't want you to buy a ton of courses, materials and get bonuses you will never use!  

Instead, I've put together the lean Challenge Launch Bundle , to give you ONLY key materials you need for a successful launch (while keeping you fully FOCUSED - from identifying your perfect challenge idea, to welcoming new challengers into your world)

Total Value: $680 

ONLY $197 $97!

And, if you are on this page then you probably know that using "5-day challenges" can be a powerful lead generation and sales tactic in your business arsenal, but too many business owners are doing it the wrong way - so let's make sure you don't waste your time, money and energy when planning your next challenge launch.

But, why should you consider to buy anything I have to offer? Well, just in 2020, I've used our proprietary "Challenge Method" framework to either fully mange or consult on the following successful launches:   

  • 10,072 challengers and 6-figures generated in a business market launch
  • 25,732 challengers and 6-figures generated  in a lifestyle market launch
  • 12,687 challengers and $93k generated in a relationship market launch
  • 5,047 challengers and 6-figures generated in a business market launch
  • 76,509 challengers and 7-figures generated in a personal development market
  • 34,604 challengers and 6-figures generated in a relationship market launch
  • 4,045 challengers and 51k generated in a business market launch

Plus, I've been super focused on helping entrepreneurs launch challenges since early 2016, so let's just agreed that our framework works.

But, enough about me, let's talk about my car...(just kidding, I don't have a car :D )

Joking aside, let's fully focus on you going forward, and making sure you make the best decision when considering our Challenge Launch bundle (no matter if you buy it or not)

Here are all the pieces you need to take into consideration when preparing a successful challenge launch:


FRAMEWORK - that's proven to work, over and over again in 15+ markets


TEMPLATES, SWIPES, EXAMPLES - so you don't have to re-invent the wheel from scratch, and can deploy all your content fast


 ZERO TECH-OVERWHELM - so you don't stay stuck in funnels, automations and tech complexity, because this is not the key to your success


PRIORITY SUPPORT - to get timely feedback, and questions answered when you get stuck (before, during and after your launch)


SHORT AND TO THE POINT MATERIALS - you don't have time to sit and watch hours of boring videos, that could've been condensed into 90% shorter versions. 

The Challenge Launch Bundle


Short and to the point DIY video course to help you launch (from idea to a successful execution) in 14 days or less (includes: instructional videos, worksheet materials, essential launch checklists, bonus resources)

BONUS #1: 45-DAY SUPPORT FORUM (Value: $295)

Challenge Launch Toolkit is normally a comprehensive do-it-yourself program, but I want to make sure you have the best possible environment for a successful campaign no matter the obstacles, questions or problems you may face along the way.


My “swipe and deploy” secret Master Doc template that you'll be using to have your entire Challenge planned out and ready to hit GO.


More than two hundred swipe examples from 19 different industries for brainstorming and inspiration.


Our Launch Success Calculator helps you estimate realistic launch outcomes based on different scenarios, so you know what to expect during the promotion.


Identify and track your best challengers and turn them into customers during your open cart period. 

Here’s what others are saying about using the Challenge Method framework

Matea Teller

 (NLP Coach & Trainer)

"I've grown my list by thousands, I had filled out my group coaching program...
...and I have the best FB group in the world with my ideal audience! When Filip showed me how simple it actually is to run a Challenge Launch promo , I was blown away! He lays out steps so perfectly, keeps all tasks in a logic and smooth flow, and helps you to connect with your audience."

Jamal Miller

(Co-Founder of The Miller Media Group)

“We ran a Challenge Launch and it was the most successful launch our business has ever experienced. To goal was to get 30,000 leads, and we ended up getting more than 60,000.

Final day of the challenge, people were begging and asking about what’s about to happen next. So, we made a last minute decision to opencart that night (instead of waiting for three more days), and we did $100,000, which was my first six figure night ever.”

Ryan Levesque 

(CEO, ASK Method Company

& #1 Nation Best-Selling Author)

"Our customers loved the challenges and we'll keep doing them on a regular basis.

We're always looking for different methods to provide value to our community and keep them fully engaged. Running a kickASK Challenge with Filip's help has proven to work extremely well."

How to Secure Your Black Friday Discount And Five (5) Special Bonuses Today

Here’s what you get when you get the Challenge Launch Bundle:

    (including worksheets, examples, swipes, checklists)
  • BONUS #1: 45-DAY SUPPORT FORUM (Value: $295)
    (to get personalized guidance during your next launch)
  • BONUS #2: Challenge Launch Planner (Value: $47)
  • BONUS #3: 200+ live challenge examples (Value: $47)
  • BONUS #5: LAUNCH TRACKER (Value $47)

Regular Bundle Price: $680

Price: ONLY $97

You save: $583.00 (85% SAVINGS)

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you can prove that you've managed to launch your very own challenge in less than first 30 days after your initial purchase, following our proven Challenge Method framework, but you are not happy with results - we'll gladly refund your investment. 

Answers to your most common questions...

What if I’ve never launched a challenge before?

Not a problem. During our action packed training I’ll show you 100% non-techy way to launch your first (or next) challenge fast. Plus, you’ll get additional materials to help make the entire process effortless (launch calendar, checklist, examples…)

How long will this take to get results?

It depends on how fast you are willing to take action. We’ve put together a launch calendar for you with 2 different lanes: fast-action vs. regular. By following our fast-action plan you can launch your challenge in 14 days.

Is this bundle really, really, really everything I need for a launch?

Oh yes, it's everything you need and more. When you see what's inside you'll agree with my claim that I could easily charge $397 for the course alone, let alone all the bonuses included. 

Do you offer money back guarantee?

Yes. If you've managed to launch your challenge in less than 30 days after your initial purchase, and you are not happy with the outcome - we'll gladly refund your money.

Will running a challenge work in my niche?

We've personally worked in more than 15 niches, but if you are not sure - feel free to reach out directly to me ( and we'll figure it out.

The FirstClass Success™ helps visionary CEOs and digital course creators grow their business by focusing on the “unsexy” parts: tracking, dashboards, and data to make smart decisions that lead to more leads, sales, and better customer results.

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