21 Tweaks (You Can Make Right Now) to Boost Your Profits and Make Your Customers Happier

If you’re a visionary business owner, chances are your focus tends to be on the VISION for your business (makes sense, right?) The big stuff: new offers, a big launch, building the perfect evergreen funnel, and serving your customers and clients.

It can be tempting to create a new course or program, launch it, and get it out into the world and then move on to the next thing, the next goal, the next offer.

And while you probably know that the real money is made when you optimize...that can get kind of boring. It feels like a lot of fussing over details when you’d much rather be creating and serving.

But here’s the thing: as someone who is hyper-focused on the details...I can tell you from experience that small tweaks often make a huge difference.

And in my work with successful six, seven and eight figure business owners, I’ve found myself advising the same things over and over again - the small tweaks that have outsized results.

I decided to compile them in one place so that YOU can easily implement them in your business and start to see the results.

I think you’ll be surprised at how simple some of these tweaks are when you start to see them as big levers in your business. 

Ready? Let’s dive in


Reach out to your top customers and talk to them - this one is the absolute low-hanging fruit WIN, majority of business owners (unintentionally) forget about.

Your existing customers are your most likely repeat buyers - why not give them an opportunity to get more of your help?

Talk to them to see what’s missing in your current top performing offers:
Do they expect faster results?
Do they need more help?
Do they need more materials? 
Or something else…

Don’t assume and let them tell you instead.

Whatever it is, you can use it to re-package your product or create a brand new add-on.

ACTION STEP: Go into your CRM and list top 10% of your customers (up to 100), arrange them by priority, start talking to them and take detailed notes.


Start with customer success in mind - Instead of thinking “how can I make more money” think about how you can make more of your clients successful - and do that.

ACTION STEP: List top 3 reasons that are the biggest obstacles stopping more of your clients from getting results and solve them.


Send 3 emails per week - two purely engagement and the other MUST have a call to action for an offer (even if it’s a soft sell). It can be anything: from a mini $17 guide to bigger products, but commit to having that sales call to action on a weekly basis.

Test this for 4 weeks, and calculate total additional profits due to a simple weekly call to action.

ACTION STEP: Review your email calendar and mark one day per week (preferably the same day every week) where you’ll include .


Offer bundle deals - put together a couple of low-ticket front end offers (and if you don’t have any, think about what you can put together quickly - workshop recordings, templates, reviews - get creative!)

The most important thing to consider when putting a bundle together - make sure all individual offers are complementary. You can make sure of that by asking your self a simple question:

“If they implement NUMBER 1, will they need NUMBER 2, and then NUMBER 3 ?”
(hint: make sure the answer is always YES)

ACTION STEP: ​Make a list of all your assets (free and paid) and combine three of them.


Focus on increasing your average order value - While most people focus on sales conversions as their main metric, what really matters is your average order value, getting people to spend more money with you during their purchase.

ACTION STEP: Not sure how to calculate and increase AOV? Keep on reading...

You can calculate your average order value using this formula:

Total revenue / number of orders = average order value.

You're selling online courses with 2 different payment plans.
Paid in full costs $587 and monthly costs $59. You've sold 24 monthly course memberships and 16 yearly memberships.
Let's calculate your AOV!

You have sold 40 courses, and your revenue is $9.392 (yearly) + $1.416 (monthly) = $10.808

AOV = $10.808/40 = $270,2

This number currently means nothing to you and me.
However, let's say this is your AOV for May and in April it was $320,8.
Now we have a benchmark.
We need to do something to increase that AOV amount. Well, that's obvious.

But what? Keep in mind that AOV is not the only KPI you are or should be tracking. Before coming to any conclusion we should check everything to make a decision.

Here are a few tips to increase your AOV:
- Upsell
- Cross-sell
- Bundle products or create packages
- Volume discounts
- Money return policy


Build an automated testimonial feedback loop - you know you need them, so why not create a simple system (can be just one email) to actually GET them!

ACTION STEP: ​The easiest way to automatically get more raving testimonials is to create a simple Google Form and include a link in your regular content delivery emails and as part of your course pages.


Have a low ticket offer (and ignore all the naysayers) - You’ll still attract your ideal customers, but you’ll also have a way to get more people into your world and get to know you before they invest more (many customers need this!)

This could help especially if you are more focused on high-end offers, and haven’t created a low ticket item in the past. 

Just in the past couple of months I had clients that were a perfect fit for our $10,000 program, purchasing a $97 item first to see my teaching style, course and content structure and the overall approach.

ACTION ITEM: ​​Review your mid or high end offer, take the absolute best snippet of value and package it into a $47 - $97 mini offer.


Track your customer profiles - a simple spreadsheet can tell you if they are a new customer, whether they paid in full or a payment plan, how they came in and from what offer, if they read your emails, and more. This data-gathering will let you target MORE of your best buyers in the future.

Below is a short list (five examples) of customer profile indicators our clients normally track. Our full customer profile list consists of +25 different indicators.

  • Purchase Phase
  • Other Lead Magnets 
  • Biggest Reason For Joining The Course
  • Initial CRM Sign-up

ACTION ITEM: ​​​Create a simple sheet, and start tracking 5 above mentioned indicators.


Raise your prices - test a higher price against your existing offer to see if it performs better. Test multiple price points over a period of time to see how they reflect current sales conversions and average order value. 

ACTION ITEM: ​​​​Launch your first A/B sales page test with a different price point.


Offer Tech Implementation Services - if your audience is not tech-savvy, you can overcome a huge objection by simply handling that piece for them. People love DONE FOR YOU.

It doesn’t have to be a major tech implementation. Think about the minimal tech work needed for them to be able to start getting progress or results. 

ACTION ITEM: ​​​​​Review IMPLEMENTATION milestone in your customer journey, and identify the biggest tech obstacle that’s making them frustrated.


Audit your course consumption rates - Have a look at your LMS and see where people are dropping off - and then see how you can help them over the hump to get results.

You provide more value if your course video materials are longer, right? Wrong.

People don’t want more information, they seek clarity and transformation.

Sometimes, the only thing that’s stopping more of your course students from getting results are too long videos. 

ACTION ITEM: ​​​​​​Review all your course videos, identify drop off points and think how you can deliver your content in a more condensed or structured way.


Define customer success - Just having someone finish your course isn’t enough. Figure out what success means to them and paint that picture.

“Graduation” should be one of the milestones in your customer journey, but not the most important one.

Here are a couple of examples of success metrics you could use:
Customer submitting a testimonial
Customer getting result (eg. losing 15 pounds, getting 100 leads, learning new tune on a guitar…)
Customer becoming your case study story
Customer referring a new client to you
And so on…

(HINT: you can have more than 1 success metrics, or “levels of success”)

ACTION ITEM: ​​​​​​​Think about how success looks for your customers, and you. Then use this as a new success metric in your business.


Leverage existing assets - Do you have old lead magnets, blog posts, videos, podcast episodes, and things that more people should see? Give them a refresh, repackage, and voila! Instant content.

We are always geared towards new shiny objects, whether it’s consuming or creating new stuff. Meaning a lot of our “old materials” collect dust, stored away on a virtual storage room shelf.

I bet a lot of your “old materials” are high quality, so instead of always trying to come up with new stuff, dig out some of your old gold.

ACTION ITEM: Review your old materials and list top 5 favorite items. Then pick one, update it. .


Add an order bump to your checkout page - This is usually a single or double digit add on offer that requires just a checkbox on the order page to add - simple and you’ll boost your average order value instantly!

The key to having strong conversions on the order bump is to be a no-brainer (low price) and complementary to the main offer. 

ACTION ITEM: ​Take your most popular offer and just add order bump to the cart page.


Check your customer activation rates - Do you know how many of your NEW customers actually created their account? Or last time they logged in?

A big percentage of customers, especially if you have a low priced offer, will never create their account or log in to access their purchase.

You are losing them, before they had the chance to see how amazing your product really is. Let’s change that. 

ACTION ITEM: Revise existing or add a strong onboarding sequence (first 7 days when someone becomes a new customer).


High end offer for action takers - There's always a small percentage of your audience willing to pay a higher price to work with you personally. Make sure you have an offer for them!

ACTION ITEM: ​Test this by sending an email to your new customers after a product launch (or other marketing promotion) by saying you and your team can help a selected number of people get guaranteed results faster.


Create a continuity offer - even if you don’t want to have a membership, create a way for your customers to get help and support ongoing.

Let’s say you have an 8-week program where customers get support. A big percentage of your customers won’t finish the program in a planned time frame, and they’ll gladly pay to get your continuous support while finishing the program. 

ACTION ITEM: ​​Review your offers and identify where you can offer ongoing support after the regular support period is over.


Get quick wins for your customers - Be sure to celebrate the small wins - this creates momentum for your customers to lead them to even greater success!

Having big success milestones (mentioned in #12) is important, but you also have to define smaller success milestones so your customers don’t get discouraged in the process.

ACTION ITEM: ​Think about at least 3-5 micro wins you can start celebrating with your customers as they progress towards the “ultimate success outcome”.


Split test your ads first - I see a lot of people doing the optimization progress backwards and immediately start changing content on their sales or landing pages, without exhausting multiple ad tests first.

Changing the color of a button on your page won’t skyrocket your conversions if your ads keep underperforming.


Metrics are not “good” or “bad” - numbers are just numbers, so don’t get emotionally connected to the outcomes. I know, it’s easier said than done, but very often we oversee optimization opportunities, because we only see “bad results”.

Sales conversions not being the way we wanted, not reaching our revenue goals, focusing on vanity metrics…

ACTION ITEM: ​​​Next time when you are analyzing your metrics and dashboards, try to re-frame that every “bad” result is an opportunity to easily improve that area.


ABO - always be optimizing - Have a routine and process in place to tweak and test something new in your funnel or sales process every week.

Even when everything is working great.

ACTION ITEM: ​​​Next time when you are analyzing your metrics and dashboards, try to re-frame that every “bad” result is an opportunity to easily improve that area.

Now, read through the list one more time and choose ONE of these tweaks that you can implement IMMEDIATELY. 

Then go ahead and join the Scaling Online Simplified Community and share what you’ll be doing so that I can give you feedback - we love seeing results in the group! 

Click here to join the group and let’s get implementing! 

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