Could You Double Your Existing Business…
Simply by Making 5% of Your EXISTING Customers Happier?

Discover the “8 Hidden Profit Boosters” to Increase Lifetime Customer Value, Get More Bang for Your Advertising Buck, and Surprise and Delight Your Customers…

And the best part? We'll do all the heavy lifting for you!

If you’re a business owner with a product or service that gets consistent results for your customers…

But, you still keep on spending way more time than you'd like on how to find a consistent profitable stream of new leads and customers.

And while your list is growing, and you’re getting new buyers - it’s starting to get expensive and you feel like you’re constantly caught up in the hustle: the next promotion, the next launch.

Frankly, it’s exhausting...AND what’s worse? 

You Might Even Be LOSING Money!

You’ve likely seen what most business owners who pay for traffic are seeing: ad costs just keep rising, with no end in sight.

While Facebook used to be the treasure trove of cheap leads, now you’re competing with everyone else, while Facebook laughs all the way to the bank (and Google’s not much better!)

So you start looking for the “new, untapped lead sources,” trying new tactics in the hopes that you can keep your business afloat in between launches. 

Or, you pour more money into an evergreen funnel that’s going to “save” your business, thinking it’s just one more week before it starts to work...and another week...and another…

And thousands of dollars later, you’re not any closer to cracking the evergreen code (even though you’ve seen it work for others).

On one of my sales call with a future client, who looked like he’s running a very successful online business, he said:

“I’m concerned with my health, because I can't keep going like this. It doesn't make sense.”

And here’s the ugly truth that many of my clients have discovered the hard way…

More Leads and Customers Does NOT Always Equal More Profits!

Here’s why:

If you don’t have a customer success path so that your EXISTING customers buy MORE from you…

Chances are, you’re leaving a MASSIVE amount of money on the table!

Here’s the secret that successful online business owners and CEOs know:

It’s MUCH easier to sell to an EXISTING customer than to acquire a new one - especially if that existing customer is getting results with their course or framework.

(And if you’re not sure what other product or offer you could sell to your existing customers...don’t worry. You’ll know exactly what your clients need (and want to buy), as soon as you start tracking their success in more detail.)

Plus, study after study backs this up:

The CRM Hubspot did an extensive study that showed that a mere 5% increase in retention can increase company revenue by 25-95%.

​They also found that 90% of happy consumers are more likely to purchase again…

And 93% are more likely to be repeat customers at companies with excellent customer service.

Think about that for a moment...what would happen in your business if you DOUBLED your current revenue…

Simply by making 5% of your existing customers happier?

But HOW?

​If you’re familiar with the 80/20 Pareto Principle, here’s an example of it in action

80 percent of your future profits will come from just 20 percent of your existing customers.

​There’s a HUGE opportunity for most business owners to exponentially increase their revenue simply by focusing on the back end of their business in addition to getting new leads.

The Problem is...Most Business Owners Don’t Slow Down Enough to Do This!

If you’re a visionary business owner, you’re probably really good at the idea part - and you’re excited about building and launching the “next thing” in your business.

You like to move fast, and because the industry changes quickly, you’re being pulled in so many different directions it sometimes makes you want to give up.

You’re putting together and executing your launches, you’re delivering the training, and then you’re expected to figure out, track, and analyze your metrics too???

Your team is also super-busy, so how is it that you’re still spread so thin?

You can only do so much, am I right?

Now, being a visionary isn’t a bad thing (after all, it’s gotten you to where you are today)...

But it means that you rarely pause to analyze what’s worked and how to improve it. 

And you might also be making these three other mistakes in your business:


Mistake #1: Not knowing (or understanding) your numbers

​It’s easy to get bogged down by details - and it’s time consuming to track, gather, and analyze this info because it lives in so many different places! Facebook ads, email stats, conversion rates, sales numbers...just thinking about FINDING all that data let alone putting it into a spreadsheet is enough to make a visionary entrepreneur a little nauseated.

Plus, it can be a little overwhelming if you’re not a numbers person.

And yet - the money is in the numbers.

Deep down, you probably know this. And you know you’re missing extra profits because the key metrics are missing, and you are losing invaluable information about your customers.

Savvy business owners know their numbers - even if they have to outsource the data gathering and analysis.

And because they know those numbers, they’re able to make smart decisions that maximize their profits - instead of jumping from tactic to tactic based on guesswork and intuition.

Which brings me to the NEXT mistake, which is...


Mistake #2: Revenue can be misleading

​You hear business owners claiming all the time that “I just had a 6-figure launch” or “I made 7 figures this year!”

But here’s what they DON’T tell you:

How much they PAID to the ads person, the copywriter, the tech person, the graphic designer...not to mention the software to make it all work.

So after a launch you look at the numbers and wonder...where did the money go?

You’ve ended up feeding the “machine” and not yourself.

And while your REVENUE numbers might be impressive…

What REALLY matters at the end of the day are your PROFITS…

Because that’s what allows your business to grow and do what you are meant to do - shine your light in the world

And that’s where mistake #3 comes in...


Mistake #3: The “More Clients” Band-Aid

​You get caught up in the constant cycle of finding new leads and customers by implementing new tactics like quizzes or adding new traffic sources…

Because you think that getting MORE clients and customers is the answer…
While your existing customers fall through the cracks.

Remember: it’s 5 to 25 TIMES more expensive to get a new customer than to sell to an existing one.

While growing your revenue by implementing new tactics can seem like it’s working, sooner or later you will end up with…

The “Frankenstein System” that’s impossible to scale, track or optimize.

Not what you want!

But when you STOP making these three can take advantage of the low hanging fruit in your business.

The Key is Knowing How to SLOW DOWN to Speed Up

When you have clarity around your customer journey (and you are able to track it), your customers will:

  • Be happier and get better results
  • Buy more from you
  • Refer their friends to you
  • And become your biggest fans!

​And more importantly:

You’ll finally be able to get rid of that nagging feeling of leaving your customers behind, because we both know, you aren’t in this business only to make money, but to help others.

​You’ll have a business that you love and is growing with ease knowing that your existing customers are happy…

And here’s the BEST PART:

You’ll be able to SPEND MORE to acquire new leads and customers

You’ll be able to outspend your competition because you know the lifetime value of each new customer and how to get a return on that investment on the backend.

So, how can you find the time to:

  • Get your numbers in order
  • Better understand them
  • Leverage them to make better business decisions
  • And design the perfect customer success journey in the end?

Here's what it all comes down to:

If you’re ready to take back control of your profits:

Without having to spend hours staring at or torturing yourself with spreadsheets and dashboards…

And you’re eager to create a customer journey that delights your customers and clients so that they not only get results, they come back to buy again and again AND they refer you to their friends…

Congratulations! You’re not the only one...And I’ve got a solution I think you’ll love.

But first, let me introduce myself.

They Call Me:
“The Numbers Nerd”

Hi, I’m Filip Sardi.

As an introvert, I’m not a fan of being in the spotlight, so I’ve been mostly operating behind the scenes for years now.

Working with big names in the marketing industry like Ryan Levesque, and helping visionary entrepreneurs execute highly profitable launch projects - from simple $50k group offer launches, to full blown $600k launches generating 2,843 new customers in 8 days.

And yes, I’m a self-professed “spreadsheet nerd” who actually LOVES tracking metrics and making data-driven decisions.

I know this sounds crazy - while others dream about houses and lamborghinis, one of my dreams is to create a “perfect dashboard” for my business (and replicate it for my clients).

I’ve seen this initially as an annoying disorder, but later on realized my visionary clients actually love it.

So today I’m proudly calling myself a numbers nerd who cares for their clients’ businesses like they do themselves.

"I generated additional $30k for my business in just a couple of weeks, without needing any new offers. And we can finally track and optimize our customer success experience." - Mirna Bacun (The Non B.S. LinkedIn Leadgen Expert)

"We were confused, overwhelmed, burned out and without a clear plan. After his in-depth analysis and by following his guidance we've had a successful launch once again.Plus, we better understand our important numbers and have way more strategic approach to growing our business." - Patricia Lohan (Feng Shui Mastery Creator)


The past couple of years, this superpower and the overall curiosity about all-things-marketing has helped rack up wins for clients like:

A highly profitable six-figure launches for a 7-figure entrepreneur, three times in a row
Improving customer success rates 5x above industry average for an online author
Generating $100,000 during the first six hours of a launch campaign

Building a complex customer success tracking dashboard for a 7-figure entrepreneur to have his team improve customer success rates on the fly
Doubling customer lifetime value by redesigning an entire customer success system for an online business consultant
Boosting your profits and customer success in 90-days or less...

We generated 2,500+ new membership students and $612,000 in revenue...
Filip is the genius when it comes to not only the messaging, and marketing framework, but also to analyze your audience and see how they best resonate with what you want to accomplish in your launch..."

Jamal Miller // CEO, Miller Media Group

Running a challenge with Filip's help has proven to work extremely well for our customer success rates...
We're always looking for different methods to provide value to our community and keep them fully engaged. Our customers loved the #kickASK challenges and we'll keep doing them on a regular basis.

Ryan Levesque // CEO, ASK Method Company & #1 Nation Best-Selling Author

Having access to many high profile launches and business projects taught me a lot about the actual “secret” to successful high-six and seven figure online strategies.

An offer that converts is a must-have, of course....

But to scale it profitably you need a measurable Profit-Based Success Journey

Once you are clear on your PBS Journey, transforming that into actionable scaling strategy feels like a breeze, especially when compared to the usual “trial and error” approach.

And after being part of so many big campaigns that have generated millions in revenue and thousands of customers, I’ve honed the process of mapping out a personalized Success Journey and translating it into the 2 key pieces you need to scale without stress:

The FirstClass Success Tracking System (this is WHAT to focus on…)

This is where we’ll look at your business as a whole, and analyze metrics to figure out the best performing EXISTING ASSETS. Then we’ll create your ideal customer success journey and create a personalized tracking system for those metrics.

And my signature 8x4 Scaling Matrix (This is HOW we’re going to implement it step-by-step)

And if that seems “too simple” this is where the magic happens. We’ll dial in each milestone of your customer journey so that you will always know what you need to focus on next, and take care of your profits and customer success at the same time.

Once you have these 2 key pieces in place, you can finally start making data driven decisions based on what your business needs the most, and then everything else follows: social media, marketing, content creation, backend operations, product fulfillment, and more.

Knowing the right metrics for your business is the most underrated activity for most visionary business owners, because it feels boring and unproductive…

Which is GREAT news for the business owners who take the time to focus on it, because you’ll have the kind of leverage in your business that many of your competitors don’t.

And while it’s pretty pricey (multiple 5 figures pricey) to hire me to create a personalized customer success journey, tracking system and scaling plan for you, I keep on meeting visionary entrepreneurs who desperately need my nerdy brain and analytics skills:

So, if you are like many visionary entrepreneurs I know who understand the importance of customer success and knowing their numbers, but: 

  • You know your offer converts well and gets results, but you want to IMPROVE your customer success rates and MAXIMIZE profits on the back end...
  • You know tracking is important but your tech stack is a mess and it’s hard to even find reliable data, let alone put it all together to make strategic decisions…
  • You’re guessing a lot of the time about what new strategies will work (because you don’t know your numbers in a way that shows where the gaps are)...
  • And you’d like to have more time and energy to focus on your zone of genius - the creative side of business...

I'm excited to introduce...

The Hidden Profits


​A proven process for visionary entrepreneurs ready to take back control of their business profits with customer success and data driven decision making

Until now, I’ve been working with clients one on one to get results like what you’ve seen above. But now, I’ve created a unique hybrid group program (including hands-on guidance with implementation) so that I can reach more business owners who need help.

If you are anything like high-level entrepreneurs I’ve been helping…

You and your team don’t have time to keep on figuring it out on your own…

You need an immediate solution that will help uncover hidden profit potential as fast as possible…

But you also need an actionable strategy on how to realize that profit potential once uncovered…

All in all, you need tools in place for long-term growth. So you can keep on implementing the RIGHT strategy for YOUR business, years to come. 

The Hidden Profits Accelerator is all about giving you the clarity and peace of mind - by doing the most important part TOGETHER.

Together we will:

  • Review your existing metrics and customer journey in-depth (so we both fully understand what’s going on under the hood)
  • Plan a new strategy focused on generating profits by increasing your customer success rates (basically create a win-win scenario, for you and them both)
  • Clarify your step-by-step action plan (so you can finally relax while implementing)
  • Create a unique tracking system for your business (more on our proprietary FastTrack Profits System in a minute)
  • Learn about the experience and knowledge from other Hidden Profits community members (so you can consistently get fresh ideas and insights on what’s working and not working, directly from your fellow visionary peers)

Which means you’ll basically have:

  • Your improved customer success journey mapped out and done in the first 90 days
  • 8 different ways to boost your profits, put into a custom tailored plan for your business
  • Access to all my internal team documentation, experiments and results which we popularly call the FCS Vault
  • A group of smart business owners like you to give you feedback and support along the way
  • Our proprietary FCS tracking system done for you

Done for you? Yes, you heard that right.

My team will take KEY pieces of the process off your hands and put everything together for you with our…

30-Day FastTrack Profits Concierge Service

One of my tech ninjas will personally assist you in creating the tracking system and dashboards so you (or your team members) don’t have to learn any tech stuff from scratch, but only how to use and update the tracking system.

We’ll also keep an eye on it, throughout the entire duration of Hidden Profits Accelerator program in case you need any additional help for using it.

This will help us quickly identify your low hanging fruit, throughout your entire customer journey, not just the front end.

But I have to warn you, there’s a reason why this is a 6 month program....

Even with all the quick wins, optimizing the entire customer journey takes time, and I want us to do it the right way.

Especially when it comes to boosting the success rates of your customers and increasing their lifetime value.

No quick tricks, shortcuts, or hacks.

I guess you already understand that, because short term tactics and other shiny objects didn’t help you in the past.

​But, just in case you’re thinking my approach is another quick thing to save you without doing any focused work - this accelerator program isn’t for you.

And with my personal attention, tracking system done for you, and the group holding you accountable, this is the absolute best way I can think of to turn your current unpredictable “Frankenstein System” into a well oiled profit machine.

Growing a profitable business isn’t easy, but it shouldn’t be COMPLEX either.

So, let’s simplify the way you scale together.

Here’s what others are saying about working with me

He has been an absolute lifesaver in my business, and I cannot thank him enough.

If you have any doubts about working with him - I say go for it. Today is the best day to do it, and yesterday would've been even better." - PAM W. (Entrepreneur)

I've grown my list by thousands, I had filled out my group coaching program...

...and I have the best FB group in the world with my ideal audience! When Phill showed me how simple it actually is to run a Challenge Method promo , I was blown away! He lays out steps so perfectly, keeps all tasks in a logic and smooth flow, and helps you to connect with your audience. - Matea T. (NLP Coach)

I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Filip

- SAM GEE (Co-Founder of Gay Couples Institute)

He has shifted dramatically the way I do business online.

- LIN ELEOFF (Founder of 100k DNA Mastermind)

​Here’s how it’s going to work

We’ll kick off the first month in a private 1-on-1 setting, and start with two in depth strategy Zoom calls to lay the foundation for your Profit Success Journey.

During the first call we’ll go over your entire front end operation so I understand all the different ways on how you generate leads, nurture them and finally turn them into customers.

On our second call, we’ll take a deep dive into your customer journey and figure out how to turn one-time customers into full-blown success stories and optimize their lifetime value.

After that my team and I will personally go over all your existing dashboards and metrics sources (funnel metrics, CRMs, ad managers, Google Analytics and any other tracking solution you might use).

This second part of the process will help us get the full snapshot of your business, and combined with your insights serve as a foundation for (re)building your Customer Success Journey, and tracking system.

During our first 30-days of working together you’ll have access to my team as they are building your customer tracking system, so that you can get any questions answered.

Once the initial 30-day “Concierge Service” period is over, you’ll unlock access to our training library to support you as you move through the eight key milestones of your customer journey that we’ve mapped out.

We’ll have weekly small-group optimization calls where you can listen in on feedback to other group members, or just pop-in for your portion of the call.

You’ll also get access to the private FirstClass community, for you to connect with other thriving entrepreneurs, get your questions answered, and post your materials for review.

This isn’t some “high level” mastermind group with a hundred members, where you can’t get access to the organizer or any personal guidance.

My goal is to always keep this group tight, so I can dedicate my time to each and every member, provide an excellent customer experience (walking the walk) and lead by example.

My Goal = Your ROI in 90 Days*

Because we’re doing the hard work of implementing a tracking system customized to your business, this IS an investment in your business.

*Which is why my mission is to help you get return on your investment in the first 90 days, by taking action on low hanging fruits fast - either by saving you that money by plugging leaky holes or squeeze more profits from your current setup. 

Usually this happens by leaning into the two “low-hanging fruit” levers: figuring out how to increase your lifetime customer value and how to optimize conversions on the front end, but it may be different for everyone.

But the real magic happens after the initial period where we’ll focus on the deep optimization of every phase of your customer journey and start multiplying the ROI.

The Catch: There are 5 Spots Available This Round

This will be a tight group, as I’ve mentioned.

In fact, because this is the first time I’m launching this program, I’m only opening it up to FIVE lucky business owners who are ready to jump in.

And I can practically guarantee that the price will be higher the next time I open this up.

So you have a choice: you can choose to keep leaving money on the table and stay on the “front-end revenue roller-coaster” of more leads and sales…

Or you can shift your focus to finding and maximizing the PROFITS in your business by leveraging your customer success journey.

So just click the button below to fill out a brief application to tell me about your business, and let’s talk!

I look forward to speaking with you!

P.S. Remember, there are only FIVE spots in this first round, so get your application in before they’re gone!

P.P.S. Have questions about the program? Fill out the application here and let’s talk!

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