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I’ve used this framework with dozens of online business owners who want to scale their digital courses with a healthy balance sheet (not sexy but who cares!)

If you have a digital course or product, the key to building your business on a strong foundation is the success of your students…

Successful students not only CONTINUE to invest in your courses and programs...they also SHARE about their wins and generate more qualified leads for your business.

While most online business owners spend MOST of their time focused on the “front end” of lead generation and marketing…

Smart digital product creators know that FOCUSING ON THE ENTIRE CUSTOMER JOURNEY - from getting the right students through the doors to making them happier will create a feedback loop of success (and sales!)

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They ​​​​Call Me:
“The Numbers Nerd”

Hi, I’m Filip Sardi.

As an introvert, I’m not a fan of being in the spotlight, so I’ve been mostly operating behind the scenes for years now.

Working with big names in the marketing industry like Ryan Levesque, and helping visionary entrepreneurs execute highly profitable launch projects - from simple $50k group offer launches, to full blown $600k launches generating 2,843 new customers during 8 days.

And yes, I’m a self-professed “spreadsheet nerd” who actually LOVES tracking metrics and making data-driven decisions.

I’ve seen this initially as an annoying disorder, but later on realized my visionary clients actually love it.

So today I’m proudly calling myself a numbers nerd who cares for their clients’ businesses like they do themselves.

The FirstClass Success™ helps visionary CEOs and digital course creators grow their business by focusing on the “unsexy” parts: tracking, dashboards, and data to make smart decisions that lead to more leads, sales, and better customer results.

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