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For the expert, influencer, coach or course creator who wants to grow a group full of people excited to work with them...

In 14 Days, Host A Simple 5-Day Challenge & Have Fun While Attracting Clients You'll Actually Enjoy Working With! 

(without tech-overwhelm, even if you're doing everything on your own!)

Building your audience and turning them into clients shouldn't be so hard.

You are passionate about your niche, have valuable experience to share, or already sell a fantastic offer that helps people.

But, instead of having fun when working on your business, your brain can't stop with questions like:

  • "What does my audience even want to buy?"
  • "What if I start selling this product, and no one buys?"
  • "How can I get the right people to hear about me?"
  • "When will finally all these followers start turning into buyers?"
  • "How much money do I have to keep on spending on advertising to get clients?"

These were key concerns stopping my clients from getting solid results.

And just like them, you might have already invested a lot of time in "proven ways" like:

  •  writing an eBook
  •  promoting a webinar
  •  creating a free "giveaway"
  •  sharing a ton of daily content across your social platforms
  •  sliding into someone's DMs and trying to pitch your offer

Only to have ended up feeling more anxious about marketing and:

  •  just a handful of new ebook subscribers (downloading, but not reading it)
  •  way too expensive webinar leads that didn't show up at all
  •  attracting more people looking for free things instead of potential clients
  •  nothing in return for spending all that time creating and sharing daily social content

Don't worry, there's really nothing wrong with you or your content and... 

Your audience actually can't wait for you to help them, but not using these "generic" ways.

One of the reasons why hosting an "online challenge" became so popular recently is:

It's the most fun way to HELP YOU build an audience and GIVE THEM what they want in a very short period of time.

It the best WIN-WIN choice you can make. 

So, here's why hosting a challenge is the go-to method for smart business owners in 2021:



Instead of using a “generic” lead magnet (freebie) to attract expensive subscribers who will never even read it, challenges will continuously attract highly active and engaging audiences that can’t wait to work with you.



You know your product/service is amazing and it works, but with challenges - your audience will know it too, even before buying it. Hosting a challenge is like giving them a free delicious appetizer in a restaurant, leaving them craving for more and ordering the entire menu!



Being stuck at home, people crave connection now more than ever, and being a part of a live challenge with hundreds (or even thousands) of others gives them a chance to finally connect with new like-minded friends and peers.



As a challenge host, you will immediately stand out among your competitors - your audience will see that you are THE real deal and start trusting you faster (compared to everyone else hiding behind email newsletters and generic social posts).



Rather than working on your live launch for months and feeling immense pressure during the process, you’ll be hosting your next “lean” challenge in 14 days (without any complex tech setup), and actually have fun while getting new clients.

Now, more than ever, people don’t want just more generic information, they need transformation and want to have fun.

And transformation starts with your irresistible challenge idea. The one that resonates with your ideal audience, while everything else (funnels, launch plans, offers...) comes second. 

If you genuinely help YOUR AUDIENCE solve a specific problem, you will instantly stand out as someone trustworthy and different than everyone who is just trying to just feed them with more information. 

That’s why you (and your challenge) should focus 90% on transformation, above anything else. When you manage to do that successfully, the selling part becomes simple.

How do I know challenges will work for you? 

Well, since 2016, I've tested this approach in 15 different markets, helped our clients generate millions in revenue and more than half million of leads in various marketing campaigns and launches.

Working with big names in the marketing industry like Ryan Levesque or Jay Abraham and helping other visionary entrepreneurs execute highly profitable launch projects - from simple $50k group offer launches, to full blown $2.1 million launches generating 2,843 new membership customers during 8 days.

Hi, my name is Filip.

I may not call myself the "Challenge King" or the "Challenge Guy", but I 100% know how to help you launch a successful one.

Especially with a team of amazing humans by my side, who'll take great care of you...

Meet our "Dream Team"

Patrik, our tech/automation ninja can help with any technical hurdle you might have. 
Matea, our People manager, the go-to person to get your ducks in a row, be efficient & motivated, and perform at your highest.
Alex, our FB ads Whisperer is juggling six-figure monthly budgets and always knows what's working (or not) in your ads manager.  
And you've already met me (Filip), numbers nerd in charge of leading product launches.

Here are just a few examples of successful challenge projects we’ve personally managed during crazy 2020:

I helped the legendary “21.7 Billion Dollar” man, Jay Abraham shape the unique challenge idea (the power of preeminence), and turned it into a fun and engaging content, for more than 5,000 business owners.

Can you imagine standing on a stage in front of 75,000 people waiting to learn from you? Scary, I know, but that's how Jamal Miller’s transformational challenge looked like (and it was just one of several launches we've successfully executed together in the past four years)

New York Times Bestselling Author Laura Doyle delivered an emotional 5-day challenge to more than 5,000 women, helping them fix relationships with their partners. 

Probably my favorite challenge launch of 2020. Charlie Wallace and his team managed to attract more than 25,000 guitar players from all over the world for five days of jamming and powerful guitar sessions.

Last year, my very dear client, Alexis Fedor managed to run 2 amazing challenge launches - in spite of the world being turned upside down. Each challenge attracted more than 6,000 artists ready to turn their art into a profitable long term business.

Jamal strikes again! More than 30,000 challengers were brought together to work and heal themselves by breaking vicious cycles from their past. This was one of the most intense experiences I helped curate last year.

I’ve personally worked with clients who had only 50 people on their list, and attracted hundreds of fans during their launch.  And I’ve worked with clients attracting tens of thousands of challengers (like examples I’ve just shared with you).

What all of them have in common, is they always start out with our proprietary, 3-step "Challenge Method" framework: 



It's what makes or breaks your challenge! Start by crafting a challenge idea that will resonate with your audience, and also make you stand out from the crowd.



Then, get immediate attention from the right people and have them join by following our "5-post FBP" process - no complex funnels needed.



Finally, deliver your stellar content, create deeper connection, and most importantly, build trust faster than with any other method. 

There's really no need to prepare your next challenge for months, build complex funnels or create a ton of content that no one will ever read. 

Let us help you bring back FUN into marketing and launching while you: 

  • Attract people who are most likely to buy your product

    There’s a way (that no one else is teaching) on how to trigger a response from your ideal "action takers", and filter out freebie seekers at the very beginning of your launch campaign.

  • Stop feeling invisible

    Have hundreds (if not thousands) of comments, likes and shares on your posts and video, and keep your audience engaged until the very end of your challenge.

  • Let people experience life-changing benefits of your offer
    Don’t tell your audience you can solve their problems. Show them how and take them through a micro-transformation so they get to experience what you have to offer behind the closed doors.

  • Pre-sell your product without even talking about it

    Transformational challenge experience will do a lot of heavy lifting for you, when it comes to selling. You will easily identify hyper-engaged challengers and turn them into clients.

Here's the fastest way to host your challenge...

The 14-Day Challenge Launch Toolkit

Because no one has time to go through 20 hours of non-actionable video content...

This is what you're getting in your brand new 14-Day Toolkit:

(How to Create, Promote & Launch)
Short and to the point DIY training where I show you:

  • 3x Market Deep Dive - three in-depth methods to figure out what your target audience wants, and more importantly doesn't want so you'll know exactly how to get their attention
  • Your Irresistible Idea Formula - How to come up with the “irresistible idea” for your Challenge that excites people, and makes you stand out in your marketplace…
  • 5PP Social Invitation - The 5-part Facebook post that can launch your Challenge (without having to build a complicated funnel).
  • "Secret Asset" Trick - How to easily get people into your challenge with NO opt-in page (and still capture their email and segment them)
  • Sell Without Selling - How to introduce your offer without being or feeling like a sleazy salesman (or saleswoman)
  • and much more...

Here's what others have to say about my "Challenge Method" training...

I felt like we we're learning from someone who has been there and done that. I'm grateful for dozens of juicy tidbits Filip thought us." - Tammy A.

Thank you for training packed with valuable information. With your formulas I was able to create perfect challenge headline. - Simona F.


To make your entire launch process easier and more fun, my team has also put together the following materials for you to copy and use as your own:

  • "No Stress With Tech" Instructions - for every tech part of the process I've recorded a simple step-by-step videos to navigate your through the process and avoid any tech overwhelms
  • "Use As Your Own" Templates - see how exactly your "lean launch" flow needs to look like adjust it to your needs. Or swipe our fill-in-the-blank templates for your challenge invitation and delivery posts. 
  • Live Launch Examples - Get inspired by live examples for every step of your launching process (challenge examples, headline examples, promo post examples, sales post examples...). 
  • 4MAT Exercises - we've put together 9 short exercises to help you create your content faster, following 4MAT content structure that's proven to work. 

Few more shares about the "Challenge Method" training...

" I love the challenge training. It gave me a lot of clarity on how to setup a challenge and get started implementing it! " - J.R.

" I'm so excited, and the thing that helped me the most was taking the pen and actually writing what my challenge is going to be." - Jacquie M.

I've also included (5) five bonuses you will actually use when launching...


Challenge Launch Toolkit is normally a comprehensive do-it-yourself program, but I want to make sure you have the best possible environment for a successful campaign no matter the obstacles, questions or problems you may face along the way.


My “swipe and deploy” secret Master Doc template that you'll be using to have your entire Challenge planned out and ready to hit GO.


More than two hundred swipe examples from 19 different industries for brainstorming and inspiration.


Our Launch Success Calculator helps you estimate realistic launch outcomes based on different scenarios, so you know what to expect during the promotion.


Identify and track your best challengers aka your future fans, and turn them into customers during your open cart period. 

So if taking action and launching something NOW feels good to you…

And you don’t want to get bogged down and overcomplicate things…

And you want my PROVEN templates and “Do this, then that” instructions...

Then this toolkit is exactly what you need.

Brian Manalastas

 (The "DadBod Coach")

"I was able to run the Challenge Method campaign, and build a community of over 2,500 dads!

...If you’re looking for someone to help you put together a challenge, and optimize it so that you get the most out of every penny you need to invest, there’s no one better than Filip"

Jamal Miller

(CEO The Miller Media Group)

“We ran a Challenge Launch and it was the most successful launch our business has ever experienced. To goal was to get 30,000 leads, and we ended up getting more than 60,000.

Final day of the challenge, people were begging and asking about what’s about to happen next. So, we made a last minute decision to opencart that night (instead of waiting for three more days), and we did $100,000, which was my first six figure night ever.”

Here's everything that's included (and don't forget, your one-time offer expires in):

    (including worksheets, examples, swipes, checklists)
  • BONUS #1: 45-DAY EXCLUSIVE SUPPORT (Value: $195)
    (to get personalized guidance from me during your next launch)
  • BONUS #2: Challenge Launch Planner (Value: $47)
  • BONUS #3: 200+ Live Challenge Examples (Value: $47)

Package Price: $580

Regular Price:ONLY $197

You save: $533.00 (92% SAVINGS)

Package Price: $580

Regular Price:
ONLY $197
$97 $47

You save: $533.00 (92% SAVINGS)

What happens when you click on the "Get Your Launch Toolkit" button?

1. You sign up (it's only a one time payment via credit card or Paypal)
2. Immediately after that you receive an email from me with the toolkit and bonuses access
3. Start planning your challenge (in less than 15 minutes)

You have the Toolkit FOR LIFE!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you can prove that you've managed to launch your very own challenge in less than first 30 days after your initial purchase, following our proven Challenge Method framework, but you are not happy with results - we'll gladly refund your investment. Just email us your refund request to with subject line: "CLT refund".

Ryan Levesque 

(CEO, ASK Method Company)

& #1 Nation Best-Selling Author)

"Our customers loved the challenges and we'll keep doing them on a regular basis.

We're always looking for different methods to provide value to our community and keep them fully engaged. Running a kickASK Challenge with Filip's help has proven to work extremely well."

Have final questions? Here are some answers to your most common questions...

What if I’ve never launched a challenge before?

Not a problem. During our action packed training I’ll show you 100% non-techy way to launch your first (or next) challenge fast. Plus, you’ll get additional materials to help make the entire process effortless (launch calendar, checklist, examples…)

How long will this take to get results?

It depends on how fast you are willing to take action. We’ve put together a launch calendar for you with 2 different lanes: fast-action vs. regular. By following our fast-action plan you can launch your challenge in 14 days.

Is this bundle really, really, really everything I need for a launch?

Oh yes, it's everything you need and more. When you see what's inside you'll agree with my claim that I could easily charge $397 for the course alone, let alone all the bonuses included. 

Do you offer money back guarantee?

If you can prove that you've managed to launch your very own challenge in less than first 30 days after your initial purchase, following our proven Challenge Method framework, but you are not happy with results - we'll gladly refund your investment.

Will Challenge launch work in my market?

Yes, and the reason for that is simple - we’re all human. So far we’ve successfully tested online challenges in more than 15 different markets. Using the framework I teach will develop a strong sense of community in your participants and position you as the leading authority in their world. This works no matter if you sell digital products or services.

How long dows it take to launch a challenge?

It’s a common misconception that it takes a long time to launch a challenge for your business. You may think it is lots of preparation, tons of planning and getting it all together.

The truth is - it can be done in as little as a 14 days when executed properly.

I’m about to show you how with your personalized Challenge Launch Road Map.

Do i need to have a big audience?

Absolutely not.

Challenge Launches can work for you if you have an audience of 200, or 20 000.

You don’t need to have a big email list or Facebook group to be able to bring in tidy profits.

The QUALITY of people matters here, not quantity.
And you will discover exactly how to attract QUALITY prospects.

I don't have a product to sell yet, will this work for me?

The answer is yes.

The reason for that is - sales is NOT the only goal of challenges, and you can launch your own challenge to uncover what your audience wants to buy.

- Besides sales, you can use challenges to:
- Let your audience tell you EXACTLY what they like and want to buy - so you can sell it to the easily
- Build the most important asset in your online business - engaged online community
- Deepen your relationship with your prospects, by demonstrating you are “the real deal”
- Make them trust you more by helping them personally, instead of hiding behind some marketing automation
- Help your customers implement your course successfully, and get results faster - which is a huge win-win for both of you
- The Choice Is Yours

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