I'm Filip, pretending to work while getting my photos taken in a beautiful Bali AirBnb...

His philosophy in both business and life is “Give to Grow.”

"Filip is definitely the industry’s #1 expert when it comes to engineering online challenges that grow both your audience and your profits FAST.

He’s ALSO one of the top experts on using surveys and quizzes to grow a business, having worked for years as one of the top coaches for Ryan Levesque’s Ask Method coaching program.

He’s ALSO a brilliant high-level marketing and growth strategist, with extensive experience in marketing even before he got into our crazy online industry.

In his “Clark Kent” existence he can be seen on various adventures traveling the world as a Global Citizen.

And as alluded to above, he’s just an awesome person who is ALWAYS putting other people first.

His philosophy in both business and life is “Give to Grow.”

I just LOVE that.

And if you’ve interacted with Filip, than you know that he truly embodies this philosophy and it always looking to help others and give back."

- Ron Reich
(The Mentor To 7-Figure Entrepreneurs & Founder Of A-Players Inner Circle

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Rags to riches and all that jazz...

HI, I’m Filip.

I'm a marketing nerd, originally from Croatia, founder of The Challenge Method company and creator of The FirstClass Success System and the Hidden Profits Accelerator.

I started my first company in 2009, a boutique web design & local marketing agency serving big regional clients in Croatia.

Eventually, I discovered the world of GLOBAL online marketing in 2014.

And after millions of dollars in revenue for my clients (including 7 and 8-figure business owners), I discovered that my superpower is helping entrepreneurs know their numbers and use that knowledge to find the Hidden Profits in their business and create a Profit-Based Customer Success Journey.

Here are 15 personal facts you probably didn't know about me:

  • Lived the first three years of my life in the countryside and my best friends were farm animals.
  • Wanted to become cowboy when I was young because they don't have to go to school.
  • Not sure exactly why, but as a kid (9-10 years old), I became obsessed with baking and would often surprise my parents with a kitchen chaos, and yummy pastry.
  • Played synthesizer/piano for 5 years when in primary school. Fun fact - my piano teacher didn't realize I was a lefty for 4 years, when he'd seen me writing something. He probably thought I was just a slow learner :D.
  • Had been training basketball for 12 years, and spent most of my teenage years on the court. I was just one pick away from making it to the national team.
  • I'm very stubborn (Taurus) which both helped and hurt me in the past. Still, I'd say it's closer to having a superpower.
  • My favorite food in the world is cheese, but I can't stand eggplant.
  • My obsessive love for food is a curse at the same time since one of my biggest struggles for past 5 years is managing weight and being fit (I know, I know - it's not really food's fault :D)
  • I thought I was an introvert (INTJ) by nature for years, but now I'm not so sure anymore.
  • I've visited 23 countries so far, and don't plan to stop traveling anytime soon.
  • One of the biggest life changing experiences happened to me during the summer of 2018. - a 900 km journey (Camino De Santiago) - 700km on foot and 200km by bike.
  • If you are familiar with Enneagram Types, I'm number 5 - The Investigator, which perfectly explains the desire to work on the big picture and complex strategies.
  • One of my core values is doing things "the right way", and I can't stand half ass results, projects and performance.
  • I love reading "Jack Reacher" books (and not a fan o Tom's movies).

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