Want To Join Our Hearts&Numbers Team? 

We’re always on the lookout for talented A-players who share our work values and principles. See below if you’d fit the team and our culture to reach out to us. 

Who Are We & What We Do?

We’re a team of motivated individuals who believe you can work smart, deliver exceptional service, and have fun along the way. 

We help visionary CEOs and digital course creators to grow their business by focusing on the “unsexy” parts of it - things like tracking, dashboards, and data to make smart decisions that lead to more leads, sales, and better customer results.

Since 2016, Filip has worked with clients in 15 different markets, helping them generate millions in revenue and more than half million of leads in various marketing campaigns and launches.

We worked with big names in the marketing industry, like Ryan Levesque or Jay Abraham, and helped many other visionary entrepreneurs execute highly profitable launch projects - from simple $50k group offer launches, to full blown $2.1 million launches generating 2,843 new membership customers during 8 days.

If you want to see a list of our clients, click here

Why Join Our Team? 


Personal and professional development go hand in hand within our team.

Our projects are vastly different, exciting and meaningful. You'll have the opportunity to learn from Filip's enormous experience and knowledge gathered in different niches like business, marketing, lifestyle, health, fitness, relationship, personal development... 

You'll also have the opportunity to attend our company's training in communication skills, productivity and time management, work-life balance, and such. 


As an online team, we have systems and processes in place that helps us cooperate as a team but also work independently - from anywhere in the world. You will not be tied to an office, but instead committed to your own work ethics and being a team player. 

We might not see each other in person, but we place great value in personal connection and appreciation. 


We don't like to micro-manage our team members or play the Mom role. That's why, you'll have all the freedom in the world to work in your own most productive way, as long as the job is well done, in an agreed time frame, and along our company's values. 

We value proactivity, you coming up with your own suggestions and ideas, and invite each team member to put on their think-outside-the-box hat. 

Our Team Values


Anything we do, we strive to do at the highest possible level. When we want something done, we do it by our own standards. 

Client Success

We take pride in who we work with and are highly focused on helping them succeed. Their success is our driving force.  


We are here to grow professionally as a company, team members, leaders, but also personally, as friends, partners, individuals. 


What's the point of all that work if you can't have a bit of fun along the way? Yes, we love to have fun while doing serious work.


We don't run away from responsibility but towards it. For us, responsibility equals choice and freedom. 


We love to make money - for ourselves and for our clients. Seems only fair, doesn't it? We think so, too. 

Currently Opened Positions

Performance BASED Marketing MANAGER (jUnior position)  

You love digital marketing and you’re always up to date, if not one step ahead of the latest market trends?

If so, read along.   

We're looking for a performance based marketing manager, a junior position, who will monitor all paid and directly measurable marketing campaigns for an ONLINE BUSINESS (online courses, membership sites, online products and services).

Content & Social Media Strategist

We're looking for a person who will be responsible for creating and distributing content on different channels and social media platforms. 

As a social media content creator, you will be in charge of creating social media content for various campaigns, lead magnets, product launches and other relevant areas of our business... 

ONLINE LAUNCH Projects Manager

We are looking for a project manager who has experience in running online launches and delivering digital products.

It is essential that you know the way an online business operates with its systems, procedures, and ongoing projects. 

Your responsibility is to organize, track, and enable day to day operations and launch activities running smoothly and on time.


Step 1 - Introduce Yourself

Introduce yourself by filling out this form: "Apply for the role" and share about yourself and your so far experience, skills, interests and such. Specifically, we want to know: 

• What your current experience is - it’s okay to toot your horn here ;)
• Share why you want to work with our team
• Share why do the work you do and what you love about the job so much  

Step 2 - Get The Green Light

If you're shortlisted, you will be asked do do one of the following: 

  1. Complete a specific task that will give us an insight into your skills and way of work.
  2. Record a short video in which you'll answer five key questions that we'll send you. Those are questions on mindset, team work, motivation. They'll be fun, no worries about that ;) 

Step 3 - Have an Online Interview

If we think we might be a good fit to work together, we will schedule an online interview. On that interview, we'll aim to get to know you better and talk about the possibility of joining our team. 

We're quite a friendly bunch, you'll see. 

Step 4 - Receive Our Offer

As a final selection step, you will receive an offer from us with a one month trial period. This way, we'll see how we work together. If it's a great fit, we'll welcome you to our team as our permanent member.

Hearts&Numbers Core Team







Can't find the right position? Apply Anyway!

If you would like to work with us and believe you would be of great value to the team, but you can't see a role that would fit your expertise, apply anyway by filling out the form here: Apply

We take applications year-round so that we have a database when we need to fill a position.